Balochistan is our partner in development: Firdous


Amraiz Khan

­Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that Punjab considers Balochistan as its partner in the development process. Provision of scholarships to Baloch students in universities of Punjab, a gift of 100-bed hospital in Turbat and Rs1 billion fund to facilitate visitors in Taftan is an expression of Punjab’s unconditional love for the people of Balochistan.
These views were expressed by Special Assistant to CM Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan while addressing a ceremony organized by Hamdard Foundation at a local hotel on Saturday. Addressing the ceremony, Dr Firdous said that Hakeem Saeed rendered unparalleled services to make Pakistan’s new generation productive citizens through his institutions, magazines and welfare organization Hamdard Foundation.
She said the Prime Minister Imran Khan was also striving to advance the vision of Hakeem Saeed. The slogan of the PTI government is “Do Nahi – Eik Pakistan” and a uniform educational curriculum across the country, she added. She said that Hakeem Saeed dedicated a large part of his business to serve the suffering humanity and by giving scholarships to the students he played his part in rebuilding the nation.
Talking to media, the Special Assistant denounced the opposition for playing politics with the sentiments of Hazaras. She said Nawaz Sharif and Mariyam Nawaz never went to Balochistan for consolation with families of the victims of terrorism during the PML-N and PPP reign. She said the so-called greatest sympathizers of the Hazara martyrs were the most brutal assassins of their time who are now trying to revive their dead politics over bodies of the martyrs. She said that opposition leaders didn’t have any humanity left in them as they were taking the tragedy in Mach as an opportunity for political point scoring.
Dr Firdous said the entire nation was deeply grateful to the families of victims of the Mach tragedy as they didn’t listen to any of the miscreants and buried the dead bodies of their loved ones. She said the Prime Minister while talking to the families of Hazara martyrs mentioned in detail the roadmap under which Balochistan would play a pivotal role in the development and prosperity of Pakistan and problems of the Baloch people would be resolved.
The Special Assistant said in the past fake development packages were given in the name of Balochistan from which certain Baloch families benefited. She said that a leader does not make decisions based on emotion, leaders make decisions that have far-reaching consequences. She said the Prime Minister did not go to Quetta until a package was prepared for a comprehensive solution to the problems of the people of Balochistan.
Responding to a question, she said that if the plaintiffs go ahead to arrest the killers of Hakeem Saeed, the government will go two steps ahead of them to ensure the rule of law. She said that the PTI government believed in implementation of rule of law instead of strengthening personalities by holding the institutions hostage.
Dr Firdous said that the government had set a roadmap by passing the local government bill which aimed at doing meaningful devolution of political, administrative and financial authority in Punjab. She said that the development landscape of the province had been affected due to corona but the dream of true democracy is possible only through the Rural Support Development Program. The Punjab government under the leadership of Usman Bazdar was working day and night for the development of South Punjab, she added.

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