Baloch Culture Day 2021 | 10 Things to Know

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Balochistan marks its culture day celebration every year where people from various villages gather together to organise different types of cultural programs.

Baloch Culture Day is being celebrated on 2nd March 2021. It marks its traditional importance across the provincial state. It includes folk music, dance, craft exhibition and other activities. The Baloch mark Culture Day by carrying traditional dresses and Balochi turbans.

Baloch are recognised as courageous people, living on almost every edge of the world. Their enduring contributions have proved their inner power and abilities, as history has observed that the Baloch have participated in numerous conflicts bravely and emerged victoriously.

10 things about Baloch Culture Day and Balochistan: (2021)

  1. Baloch, also spelt Baluch, a group of clans speaking the Balochi language and measured at about five million residents in the region of Balochistan in Pakistan and also neighbouring areas of Afghanistan and Iran.
  2. Balochistan, despite its scarce population, has a unique racial and group diversity. Most of the people in the cities and villages understand and speak more than two languages. In addition to Balochi, Pashto and Brahvi, the bulk of the population read and speak Urdu, the national language. In Kachhi and Sibi districts, people converse in Seraiki and Sindhi. Quetta city, the convergence point of all linguistic groups accommodates not only Urdu, Balochi, Pashto, Brahvi and Sindhi speaking people but Darri and Persian speaking ones as well. Dewar tribe of Sarwan sub-division in Kalat, also speaks a language derived from Persian.
  3. Brahvi, Balochi and Pashtoon tribes are distinguished for their generosity and hospitality. The visitor or guest is held in high regard and regarded as a blessing from God. Wealthy people even slaughter sheep or goat for their guest. Seldom, it so happens that where there are more houses, the visitor/guest is considered to be the guest of the whole village. This kindness is the loving feature of the tribal people and is not as deep in the city or town dwellers.

    Another charming characteristic of Balochistan culture is loyalty and sincerity in all relationships. There is no place or regard for unfaithful people in the widespread moral order. If faithfulness is reciprocated with disloyalty or deception it is never forgotten.

  4. Prominent Baloch dishes, such as the lamb-skewed Sajji, have gained massive popularity among different parts of Pakistan including the food hubs of Karachi and Lahore. Kaak, a rock-hard prepared bread, and is often served with Sajji. Dampukht is also a Balochi dish which is made with meat and it’s prepared in fats.Balochi Sajji being prepared
  5. Mehrgarh located in Balochistan (7000-2000 BC) is the oldest neolithic human settlement in Pakistan. The site was discovered by French archaeologist Jean Jarrige. The population of Mehrgarh city peaked at 25000 inhabitants and was occupied till 2600-2000 BC.

    Mehrgarh located in Balochistan (7000-2000BC)
  6. Balochistan is one of the four provinces of Pakistan. It is the biggest province in terms of land area, creating the southwestern region of the country, but is the smallest in terms of population. Its provincial capital and largest city is Quetta.
  7. Balochistan has abundant mineral deposits. It is a storehouse of both renewable as well as non-renewable resources. It is famous for the number of natural resources found here and it provides raw materials to quite a large number of industries in Pakistan. Moreover, it is the second-largest supplier of natural gas in Pakistan.
  8. The only major high altitude city of Pakistan is Quetta. The beautiful Hanna Lake is located ten kilometres from the city and surrounded by hills on all sides. This lake is noted for its scenic beauty. The turquoise blue lake with the background of white mountains offer an exquisite view and presents an atmosphere of serenity and peacefulness.
  9. A famous sport of the people of Balochistan is called Bazuki which is also the national sport of Afghanistan and it is played by the Pashtuns. In-game there are two teams and all the players are on horseback trying to snatch a goat carcass from the opponent team.
  10. Famous Pakistani personalities from this province are (Humaima Malik Actress, Raheel Sharif COAS of Pakistan Army, Zaffarullah Khan Jamali Ex-PM of Pakistan, Wajahat Saeed Khan Journalist, Ayub Khuso Actor, Hashim Nadeem writer, General Musa khan who led the Pak Army during the 1965 war, Iftikhar Chaudari EX Chief Justice of Pakistan, and so on)

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