Balkhi: Humanitarian situation ‘exacerbated’ by sanctions



The spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Abdul Qahar Balkhi, in an interview with CGTN said the restrictions imposed on the Islamic Emirate worsened the economic situation of Afghanistan.

“The humanitarian situation was exacerbated (which) prexisted. When we came to power, it was exacerbated by the automatic sanctions that were leveled against Afghanistan and these are the toughest sanctions that not even Russia faces, not even Iran faces, so we were cut off from the international Swift system, we couldn’t do any international transactions,” MoFA spokesman Abdul Qahar Balkhi said in an interview with CGTN.

Meanwhile, some economists said the current Kabul government should work on ways to get the existed sanctions lifted.

“It seems unlikely that the economic sanctions imposed on the Islamic Emirate would be lifted until the political issues are resolved,” said Abdul Nasir Reshtia, an economist.

“Correct and proper management of the economic situation through the use of resources, financial facilities, and domestic economic capacities in the country, providing transparency in foreign aid, using reasonable economic policy to control the economic situation in addition to the political issues, are the factors which can improve the situation, control the economy and can help the removal of economic sanctions,” said Shakir Yaqoobi, another economist.

In the last ten months the rate of poverty and unemployment has surged in the country.

Some residents of Kabul said that due to lack of jobs, it is too difficult for them to find a piece of bread for their families.

“I come here every morning, there is no work. Today, I earned ten Afghani. I will be very happy if I earn five Afs,” said Shireen Agha, a laborer.

“There is no work, the economic situation of the people is bad, the house is rented,” said Redwan, another laborer.

Based on the figures of the United Nations, over 97 percent of the population of Afghanistan faces poverty and lives on less than two dollars a day.


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