Azerbaijan’s investment will promote tourism, trade sectors: Aamir


Khazar Farhadov, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Pakistan, met Advisor to the Chief Minister of Punjab, Amir Saeed Rawn, in which Khazar Farhadov expressed his best wishes for the Chief Minister of Punjab and the Punjab government.

And in the meeting, the development of bilateral relations and use of mutual interest were discussed. Advisor to Punjab Chief Minister Amir Saeed Rawn said that in the meeting Punjab government and Azerbaijan government have agreed to promote bilateral relations.

The ambassador of Azerbaijan vowed to further strengthen cooperation with the Punjab government, especially in the tourism, trade and cultural sectors.

He further said that the Punjab government will provide all possible facilities to the investors of Azerbaijan for investment. On this occasion, the advisor to the Chief Minister of Punjab invited the ambassador of Azerbaijan to meet with the Chief Minister of Punjab and the ambassador accepted the invitation and said that he met the Chief Minister of Punjab soon for common interests.

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