Azerbaijan’s electricity export increases by 2 times in Jan


Azerbaijan’s electricity export rose by 2 times in January 2023, Azernews reports, citing the press release of the Energy Ministry.

This is revealed in the ministry’s report on electricity production for January, which increased by 199.8m kWh, i.e. 7.8 percent as against the same period of 2022, totaling 2,759.8 m kWh.

The main increase in electricity production was registered at the thermal power plants (TPPs). Thus, during the reporting period, electricity generation at TPPs grew by 210.1m kWh, or by 8.5 percent, amounting to 2,665 m kWh.

Renewable electricity production decreased by 10.5 percent, amounting to 95.16 m kWh in January 2023. —Azer News