Azaan reigniting faith with blazing collaborations in ‘Tu Hai Mera’


Observer Report

The past year surely gave us countless bangers to endure the twist and turns of it, and it looks like 2021 is only going to up the game. Doing what he does best, music composer Azaan Sami Khan recently unveiled the music video for his new anthem titled ‘Tu Hai Mera’, and it’s enough to leave you mesmerised for a pretty long time.
Keeping the power of groundbreaking collaborations at its core, the track features soulful vocals by some of the most sought-after names in the industry, like Hadiqa Kiani, Hadiya Hashmi, the sufi duo Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad, and newcomer Ali Tariq.
You might need a moment or two to fully bask in the power of their heavenly vocals merged together, accompanied by S.K. Khalish’s momentous lyrics.
Unveiled at the 2021 LUX Style Awards and termed as the Hope Song of the Year, ‘Tu Hai Mera’s video showcases memorable performances by all the vocalists, along with a stellar dance performance by a fresh face.
The video encompasses Khan’s vision for the song, which was “to make something that holds value’.
While most of the production was carried out locally, Khan also partnered with Eric Pillai across the border for the mixing and mastering, nailing that multicultural feel.
Khan has previously worked on composing music for some of the biggest films in the recent times, including Parey Hut Love, Superstar, and Parwaaz Hai Junoon, and ‘Tu Hai Mera’ might just be the first of a lot more anthems in work this year. The song is now available on all streaming platforms, including Khan’s YouTube channel.

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