Ayub medical complex incident probe ordered


Abdul Khaliq Qureshi


Prof Dr. Ahsan Aurangzeb, Medical director of Ayub Teaching Hospital complex has constituted high power inquiry committee to probe the incident occurred at ATH eye ward “A” where eyesight of at least 9 patients was damaged and they lost vision.
According to details confirmed by the MD of the hospital that every month as per routine, special injection is used and this time among 11needy and critical patients, the said injection was applied directly into their eyes to improve the blood circulation in their eyes on last Friday as this practice was being sued for the last four years under special protocol in the Operation Theater.
Out of 11 patients it was 2nd and even third attempt of some patients but on Monday and Tuesday, nine patients complained that they are losing their eye sight and are unable to see anything on which the hospital administration had sent the injection with other material to the drug-testing laboratory which is very costly and is provided by the hospital to the patients directly.
As per Medcial director Prof Dr.Ahsan Aurangzeb and Hospital Director Dr.Nadeem have assured the patients for the every possible best treatment to the affected students and will take stern action in the e light of drug testing lab report. Among the affectees are National Former football player, Mir Hussain who had lost his two eyes, Aurangzeb ( Qalandar Abad) One eye, Yaqoob ( Haripur) One eye, Fatima Bibi ( Banda Ali Khan ) One eye, Kulsoom Bibi ( Haripur) both eyes. However the affected patients have demanded the impartial inquiry into the matter and exemplary punishment to be given to the hospital staff if they found guilty and their negligence in the matter.

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