Awakening world’s conscience


The Modi government has belittled India before the Kashmiris by imposing its fiat on the Kashmiri people after losing its battle in their hearts and minds. It has not only given a tremendous blow to India’s quest for a secular order but also has lost the privilege of minorities for India. Above all, the region has been pushed perilously proximity to a nuclear war. The latest Indian action in revoking article 370 has created perennial instability in the region and invigorated the freedom struggle of Kashmiris. The Kashmiri people’s struggle is unlikely to be suppressed. It may lose the impetus of freedom movement now and then, only to stir up when another Burhan Wani emerges.
Ruthlessness of Indian military and flagrant human rights violations have been unveiled before the world. Brute force against a just struggle is in blatant contravention to the Geneva Convention but India is known to have no respect for human rights organizations. There has been a perpetual indiscriminate shelling across the Line of Control (LoC) in order to divert international attention from the Kashmir predicament.
But Pakistan is not in that position to intervene directly is quite clear. It must also deal with Indian provocations in such a manner that open hostilities are refrained from. While it must offer its moral and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri people at all possible forums and reserve its right to repel aggression, it should trim its expectations of meaningful support from the Muslim countries and provoke Donald Trump to forcibly act as a mediator and put an end to long-standing contentious.
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