AVLC arrests ‘carjacker family’, recovers 9 stolen cars


The Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) of police have Tuesday arrested a family from the Nazimabad area allegedly involved in frequent carjacking and recovered nine stolen cars from their possession and weapons used for the alleged bids

According to the police, the prime suspect is Shahab, a 16-grade government employee of sports department, is arrested along with his mother and the step father who together coordinate and plan vehicle robberies.

Senior Superintendent of AVLC Police Arif Aslam Rao said the mother would call up and book rental cars from across Karachi city and would summon them over with drivers to Nazimabad Block #1.

Upon arrival of the driver, the arrested alleged carjackers would brandish their weapon and steal the cars.The suspects, SSP Rao said, would edit the vehicle registration numbers digitally and use and trade in them.


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