Aurangzeb condemns assassination attempt on PTI chief


PTI Candidate from NA-137 Okara constituency Chaudhry Aurangzeb condemns an assassination attempt on PTI Chairman Imran Khan during the long march in Wazirabad.

Chaudhry Aurangzeb gave these statements while he was on the motorway going to see Imran Khan in Shaukat Khanam Hospital, Lahore.

He said that this attempt is a mean to sabotage the march which intends to win real freedom for the people of Pakistan.

He said it is not just an attack on Imran Khan but on the people of the nation who wants real freedom for themselves and generations to come.

He stated that Imran Khan is the last hope of the nation, if he can be attacked then no one is safe in our country.

These difficult times call for a united effort to get along Imran Khan for real change in the country.

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