Atttique proposes Asian Summit for joint disputes resolution

Hameed Shaheen Alvi

Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan, ex-Premier of AJK now Supreme Head of Muslim Conference, has proposed that Asian countries should hold an Asian Summit to deliberate over reconfiguration of their individual and collective status in the fast changing world politics, dominated by bloc interests to the disadvantages of Asian continent and its poor peoples.

“Almost all UN-recorded geophysical disputes still unsettled for well over 75 years belong to the Asian continent embroiling the community of Asian nations into anger-filled policy practices, he told a lawyers group meeting him here Sunday.

The delegation was headed by veteran legal expert Malik Mohammad Hayat Awan who suggested formation of International Lawyers Liaison Council to unveil legal basis of inter-state disputes.

Sardar Attique hailed this as a well-timed proposal assuring cooperation. “Human economic backwardness and non-tech stalemate are the hallmarks of Asian landmass ditching the peoples into groaning poverty.

Most unfortunately the continued state of unsettlement of all outstanding disputes Kashmir and Palestine issues included have become causative regional instability contributors.

What else would be more disastrous than the fact that even UN Security Council’s disputes resolution modes and recommendations on Kashmir and Palestine are not being implemented under the very nose of the international community.

United States being global influencer owes an obligation to put in her energy to bring about peaceful resolutions of Kashmir and Palestine”, Sardar Attique averred.

In a separate tweet to the US President Joe Biden, the Supreme Head of the Muslim Conference stated Pakistan is a serious peace practitioner; it nurses no rancour or threat towards any others; Pakistan’s defensive bulwark is peace promotional; Pakistan’s pacific nuke is a peace guarantee regionally and contiguously.

He pointed out that big powers especially the US should help improve quality of human lives in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Central America to actualize vision of peaceful economic development and progress of these regions.


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