Attique expects strong OIC Kashmir stand support

Hameed Shaheen Alvi

Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan Ex-Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Supreme Head of Muslim Conference has hailed OIC Foreign Ministers 2-day conference in Islamabad and described it as future-focused collective objectives of Muslim Ummah facing strategic and global issues in current phase of history.

In his exclusive interview with Pakistan Observer on Monday Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan said that the world community should share the concerns of the OIC in efforts aimed at resolving the oldest UN-listed unsettled disputes of Kashmir and Palestine whose people are immensely suffering human rights violations and annexation of their properties by the occupying countries – India in Kashmir and Israel in Palestine. “Despite being oldest these two issues are no less critical than newly arising issues like Ukraine in today’s world”, he pointed out.

People of Jammu and Kashmir are ever grateful to the august organization of OIC for lending principled support to the immediacy of Kashmir dispute via its numerous declarations and statements. Our Kashmir stand is very clear; Kashmiris want implementation of UN Security Council’s Kashmir resolutions for peaceful settlement.

Kashmiris struggle is pivoted on restitution of their birth right to determine their political destiny which is enshrined in the UN charter; Kashmir struggle is legitimate, indigenous and Kashmiris own initiated movement long before 1947 British dispensation of South Asian two-state independence solution, he asserted.

He stated that OIC forum was fully competent to address and solve the strategic and global issues in partnership with the world community of nations. He welcomed the UN resolution on tackling the sensitive issue of Islamophobia and congratulated the OIC members for their awareness contribution. He welcomed OIC Islamabad meeting arrangements made by the government of Pakistan as founding member of the forum.

Sardar Attique Khan expected that the OIC Foreign Ministers in their two day deliberations would focus on latest colonization campaign by India in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir in violation of UN Kashmir resolutions which oppose any unilateral geographic and demographic change in a region listed by the UN as disputed areas. India has interned pro-self-determination Kashmiri leaders and workers to stifle their political voice and struggle, he added.


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