Atrocities against Palestinians


THERE is no end to Israeli oppression against innocent and armless Palestinian people who continue to render their blood to secure their right to self-determination but regrettably the international community has turned a back to hold the leaders of Jewish State accountable for their crimes.

In the latest acts of violence, at least six Palestinians have been killed and over twenty wounded after Israeli forces raided several areas in the occupied West Bank.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas very rightly called for cessation of hostilities, warning it will have dangerous and destructive consequences.

Indeed, the Palestinian people also have the right to defend themselves, and if the violence continued, they will also act to protect their homes and families.

The very brutality of Israel can also be gauged from the fact that it has prevented the medical crews of the Red Crescent from evacuating the injured people.

Israeli snipers are reportedly positioned on the rooftops of houses and buildings overlooking Nablus’ city centre and using drones to fire missiles.

Non-accountability of its crimes has only emboldened the Israelis to perpetrate more violence against Palestinians.

The oppressor is breaking all records of atrocities to suppress and silence the Palestinian people but they are mistaken in their understanding.

This land belongs to the Palestinian people and they will never surrender it under any circumstances.

They will not acquiesce to Israel’s unbridled subjugation nor relent in their legitimate fight for dignity, justice and independence.

It is for the world community to rise above their political and economic expediency and deliver justice to the Palestinian people by forcing the Jewish State to move forward for the two-state solution which is the only way for the peace and stability in the Middle Eastern region.

Instead of establishing diplomatic and trade relations with the Jewish State, the Muslim countries should send a clear message by forcefully raising their voice for the rights of Palestinian people.

Israeli leaders should also be tried under war crimes for the brutalities they have been committing in the occupied territories over the last many decades.


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