AstraZeneca 79% effective in US, Chile, Peru trials


In a major trial in the United States, Chile, and Peru; AstraZeneca says the COVID-19 vaccine produced in collaboration with Oxford University was 79 percent successful in avoiding symptomatic disease. It says this also paves the way for long-awaited applications for US clearance.

The vaccine was shown to be 100 percent efficient, according to the findings of a late-stage clinical research analysis that involved more than 32,000 participants of all ages. It was shown to be safe for people of all ages.

Despite the fact that AstraZeneca’s vaccine has been approved in more than 50 nations, it has yet to be approved in the United States.

It would also serve to address safety issues that have hindered its usage in the European Union after news of a limited number of unusual blood clots in citizens who have taken the shot.

Many European countries have resumed using the vaccine in their inoculation systems after a regional regulator ruled it effective, while several country leaders are taking the vaccine to raise morale.