Assurances of support


PAKISTAN and Saudi Arabia have always stood by each other in difficult times and at a time when the region is once again faced with serious security challenges, the top leadership of both the countries once have again sit together and pledged to support each other which indeed shows the level of warmth and closeness that exists between the peoples of the two brotherly countries.
Since assuming power, Prime Minister Imran Khan has enhanced the engagement level with the Gulf countries especially Saudi Arabia and his visit to the Kingdom on Thursday also came at a very important juncture as on the one side Pakistan is seeking world support for the oppressed Kashmiri people while, on the other hand, the oil facilities of the holy land came under attack a few days back. Prime Minister Imran Khan during his separate meetings with Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman held threadbare discussions on all these issues. The outcome of the talks as expected indeed is positive since Saudi King Salman Bin Aziz assured the Prime Minister of Kingdom’s full support on Kashmir issue whilst Imran Khan condemning the attack on Saudi oil facilities reiterated Pakistan’s stance to stand by Saudi Arabia in case of any threat to sanctity or security of Harmain Shareefain. The fact of the matter is that both PM Khan and Saudi CP Mohammad Bin Salman were in regular touch with each other ever since the revocation of special status of occupied Kashmir by India, and talks on Thursday indeed culminated with clear and unambiguous support of the Kingdom for the oppressed people of Kashmir. This is also what the Kashmiri people were expecting from Riyadh as well as other Muslim capitals. The words of support from Saudi Arabia will not only help silence those voices who were fabricating stories on the Kingdom’s stance with regard to the disputed territory but it will also help the Prime Minister to forcefully present the case of Kashmiris at the UN General Assembly session. The people of Pakistan have special affection for the Kingdom and they hold the Saudi leadership, being the custodian of Islam’s holiest sites, in high esteem. This is the reason that the attacks on their oil facilities disturbed and perturbed the entire Pakistani nation, and the same was very articulately represented by the Prime Minister during talks with the Saudi leadership. We are confident that this level of trust and understanding between the two countries will gain {further} strength in future and that efforts will be expedited towards implementing the MoUs signed during the Crown Prince’s visit to Pakistan in order to lay the foundation of strong economic partnership.

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