Ashrafi stresses implementation of NAP to resolve national issues, terrorism


Special Representative to the Prime Minister on Religious Harmony and Middle East Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi has stressed the need of implementing National Action Plan (NAP) in letter and spirit to resolve national issues and eradicated terrorism.

Talking to media along with Christian leaders and notables he said the government was working to review the National Action Plan as the Prime Minister had already held a meeting in that regard.

Every one living in Pakistan and following country’s law were equal citizens and enjoyed equal rights, he said and added that the non-muslim communities were not alone and as a majority all Muslims would stand with them at every forum.

No one would be allowed to take the law in their own hands and use the law to serve their own interest and if someone committed blasphemy, he should file case and lodge FIR, and leave the rest to law of the land.

As many as 137 blasphemy complaints were received during the current year which were duly addressed and resolved.

He appreciated the political parties’ stance to not to allow the repeat of the Sialkot incident in future and showed solidarity with the non-muslim community.

He said there was propaganda against the blasphemy law which saved the lives of various people. Ashrafi said today (Dec 16) was the day for the nation to move forward unitedly and make commitment to serve and defense the country.

He said the government had provided relief not only to non-muslims but also Masajid and seminaries.


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