Asghar Afghan retired suddenly because Pakistan loss ‘hurt’ him too much ‘I want to give chance to youngsters’


Afghanistan’s loss to Pakistan in their T20 World Cup clash against the 2009 champions was too much for Asghar Afghan to bear.

The former Afghanistan captain revealed Sunday he retired because the pain of the loss was too much to bear for him.

Wiping tears from his eyes, Asghar Afghan answered the question on everyone’s minds: Why did he choose to retire in the middle of the T20 World Cup?
“In the last match [against Pakistan], we were hurt too much, and that’s why I decided to retire,” he said.

Afghan said one of the reasons he was hanging up his boots was so young Afghanistan players could have a chance to earn laurels for their team.

“I want to give chance to youngsters. I think this is a good opportunity for that. Most people are asking me why now, but it’s something I cannot explain,” he said.

Afghan said it was difficult for him to point towards a single memorable moment, adding that there were plenty.

Afghanistan played well against Pakistan, and at one point in time, even put the green shirts under pressure.

However, a late Asif Ali blitz drew the curtains on Afghanistan, as the pinch-hitter hit four sixes in one over to ensure Pakistan won the game.—Agencies

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