Asad Umar says population growth reduction should be top priority

Asad Umar says population growth reduction should be top priority

Pakistan’s Planning Minister Asad Umar said on Sunday that reducing population growth should be one of the country’s top objectives if it wants to make a difference in critical economic sectors.

“Let’s say Pakistan had enough capacity to provide quality education to only half its kids. If Pak population growth drops to that of Bangladesh, in 10 years we will accommodate every child in the country of primary school age and in 15 years in secondary school,” Asad Umar said on Twitter.

“With such a phenomenal impact in such short duration on key development outcomes, we should make population growth reduction one of our top national priorities,” Asad added.

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar remarked on Saturday that the province’s fast population increase was causing difficulties.

“These overpopulation-related issues in our major cities, as well as those around the world, are a threat to human survival on Earth.” The chief minister further said that the accelerated growth in population multiplies health, education, and employment issues.

The chief minister also said in his message on World Population Day that the aim of the day was to promote worldwide awareness about the significance of population and resource balance.

“People’s cooperation and support to the government’s efforts were utmost necessary to overcome the problems related to the increasing population, and to improve the living standards of the people.” The tsunami of the human population must be stopped to protect natural resources, he added.

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