Asad hails Kartarpur opening, bemoans Babri Masjid verdict


Staff Reporter

In a series of tweets on the matter, PTI stalwart Asad Umar channeled his emotions on the social networking platform in two separate tweets expressing joy in one and dismay in the other on Saturday.
Taking to Twitter, Asad Umar said that opening of the Kartarpur corridor was in line with the golden principles of Islam that ensure other religions complete rights and freedom to practice the faith of their choosing, he also paid tribute to Pakistan’s founder, Quaid-e-Azam for building an Islamic base for the country.
The tweet read: “Fantastic to see the opening of the kartarpur corridor. Facilitating sikh yatrees to visit one of their holiest sites is exactly the kind of tolerance advocated by Isamic teachings, the vision of quaide azam and the constitution of Pakistan. #PakistanOpensKartarpur“
In another tweet, Asad expressed his grief over the Indian Supreme Court ruling declaring the long-contested Babri Mosque a Hindu place of worship in the olden days, providing a legal base to Hindu claims of the mosque being an illegal establishment after 492 years of existence.
Umar also aired his concerns regarding India’s growing religious intolerance and it’s aggressive stance on race, caste, color and creed.
The tweet read: “Ayodhya verdict shows that extremist views which dominated politics in India, are now becoming pervasive in the state institutions of India also. As extremist, xenophobic thought takes control of Indian state & society, nuclear India emerges as biggest threat to global peace.”

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