Arts Council pays homage to the prominent poet Naqash Kazmi



Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized an event to pay tribute to the late poet Naqash Kazmi, the event took place in the Jaun Elia Lawn and was moderated by the chairperson of the literary committee of the Arts Council DR. Ambreen Haseeb Amber.

Addressing the event President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmed Shah said, Niqash Kazmi, has left no stone unturned in the service of literature.

His name will remain alive in every corner & brick of the Arts Council. He said that Mr. Kazmi was the chairman of the literary committee of the Arts Council for 17 years; he was emotionally connected with the council.

Reminiscing Naqash, his son Dr. Danish said “My father had a different personality he taught us to respect others and to spread love & peace, he guided us that how to react in difficult times and how to handle the situations. I would like to thank Ahmed Shah, Aijaz Farooqi, who stood with us in our bad times.

Rizwan Siddiqui said Ahmed Shah has done a great job for the artists, writers, painters, and film stars by doing their condolence references after the demise where people can recall their memories and share joy and sorrows.

Remembering Naqash Kazmi Dr. Fatima Hassain said that Mr. Kazmi was a great poet and a great man, he knew how to make good relations. Prof. Anis Zaidi said that Niqash Kazmi was one of the people who promoted humanitarian forces and oppressed people in his poetry and he always tried to spread the message of knowledge.

“Naqash quality was to treat everyone with the same love and generosity, he never reacted on someone, and he was very sincere towards his relationships,” said Rashid Noor

Aqeel Abbas Jafari said that Naqash Kazmi was an excellent moderator; he was the chairman of the literary committee of the Arts Council for a long time and continued to serve for the promotion of literature as long as he lived.

Senior television artist Iqbal Lateef said, Naqash was a very loving and caring man, he will be missed.

Kazmi’s student Mansoor Sahir said, he was a wonderful person inside out, he used to teach me the sensitive aspects of poetry with so much love and affection, I pray for his soul.

Owais Adeeb Ansari, Abdul Basit, Jawed Hassan, Irfan Abdi, and others also expressed their views on the occasion.


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