Arts Council organizes book launch of Syed Mazhar Jameel



Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized book launch of famous writer Syed Mazhar Jameel’s book “Mughni-e-Atash Nafs Makhdoom Mohi-ud-Din and Telangana Tehreek” at Hasina Moin Hall which was presided over by Zehra Nigah, Sehar Ansari, and Iftikhar Arif. Haris Khaliq, Rukhsana Saba, Moinuddin Aqeel, Mazhar Jameel, and others were among those who spoke on the occasion.

Zahra Nagah said that blessed are those who live with faith, thought, and self-confidence and that this is what eternal life is all about, whether it will be red dawn or not but on the red land of Telangana the footsteps of Makhdoom will always shine. She said that when great people are remembered, it should be done with great joy and respect. Mazhar Jameel paid the debt by writing this book. Prof. Sehar Ansari in his presidential address said that Makhdoom Mohi-ud-Din and Telangana movement significantly, the breadth and precision with which Mazhar Jameel has brought them together is truly admirable.

We can present this book in three parts, the first being the history of the Deccan, the second the Telangana movement, and the Makhdoom in it. Mohi-ud-Din’s services/ strategy and in the third, Makhdoom Mohi-ud-Din’s speech and his progressive approach have been presented with excellent analysis.Ifthikar Arif Said That No one is alone, Makhdoom was a unique man and the amount of material that Mazhar Jameel collected in his latest book is unmatched anywhere else. His services to Sindhi language and literature are commendable.


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