Arrest of Shimby: Success of Pak Army | By Asad Ali


Arrest of Shimby: Success of Pak Army

Balochistan is Pakistan’s largest province in terms of land area. It is bordering Afghanistan to north and Iran to west. Balochistan is rich in natural resources such as gas, coal and minerals and has a diverse landscape, ranging from coastal areas to mountains and deserts.

Due to its strategic location, Balochistan has been a site of geopolitical importance for centuries. It is a key transit point for trade and commerce between South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. In addition, the province is home to Gwadar Port which is a deep-sea port and an important part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

In Balochistan, government and military are involved in a range of activities aimed at safeguarding national security and promoting development. The government implemented various policies to address poverty, promote economic growth and improve public services such as health and education.

The Pak Army has been involved in various counterterrorism operations in order to maintain security. Balochistan has been affected by violence and instability with various militant groups operating in the area. The army’s involvement in these operations is part of its broader responsibility to ensure national security and protect civilians from terrorist threats. Therefore, military actions are conducted in accordance with international humanitarian law and that efforts are made to minimize harm to civilians. It is also important to recognize that addressing root causes of violence and instability in Balochistan will require more than just military interventions. Addressing political grievances, promoting economic development and strengthening institutions are all crucial components of creating lasting peace and stability in the region.

Both Balochistan government and security forces launched operations against non-state actors in order to eradicate extremism. In this regard, security forces launched various search operations across the province and arrested prominent terrorists. Recently, Army arrested leader of BNA Imam Gulzar alias Shimby. He was proactively engaged in attacks on security forces. He has been actively mobilizing locals of Balochistan against government and armed forces.

His apprehension is a major blow to BNA and its activities. He, along with his group, was misleading the people as well regarding economic and political development in Balochistan. Likewise, BNA along with other non-state actors, is using propaganda or misinformation campaigns to further their goals or agendas. These groups are vehemently opposing development projects such as CPEC in the province.

The CPEC is a large-scale infrastructure development project that aims to connect China’s western region with Gwadar port through a network of highways, railways and pipelines. The project has potential to bring significant economic benefits to Balochistan. However, BNA and other non-state actors have b misguiding the people regarding CPEC. Some Baloch elements hold negative views or concerns about the project and seek to influence public opinion.

These non-state actors such as BNA, BLA and BRA are actively engaged in propaganda against Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies. They have been getting financial and logistic support from some hostile countries as well. Even there are many precedents where Indian money and support have been confiscated by Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies from these groups. However, Pakistani forces have been working tirelessly to dismantle cells of terrorists in order to eradicate menace of extremism. The arrest of Shimby is a practical demonstration of security forces’ efforts against these groups.

—The writer is Islamabad based expert of strategic affairs.

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