Applicants can apply for Hajj after presenting passport tokens


In a big relief to the intending Hajis whose passports have not been made yet, the government has said that it will accept Hajj applications on the token of passport. However, the applicant has to submit original passport till May 18.

According to details, the Religious Affairs Ministry on Tuesday allowed the Hajj applicants that they could submit their applications for the annual pilgrimage to Mecca for the performance of Hajj on the basis of tokens they receive from the passport office for the issuance of their passports.

However, the ministry has directed the applicants that they will have to submit their original passports till May 18. If they fail to submit their original passports by May 18, then the ministry will reject their applications.

The ministry has also sought Hajj applications from children aged 12 but subjected it to the approval of Saudi government.

The Religious Affairs Ministry has asked the Hajj applicants to submit their applications to different branches of the commercial banks till May 13. And after a draw to be held on May 15, the lucky applicants could go to the Hajj.


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