APHC seeks urgent UN intervention in OJ&K calamitous situation


Hameed Shaheen Alvi


Under the pretext of containing Coronavirus outbreak, child abuses, enforced disappearances and killings of Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir by Indian occupation forces are tremendously increasing day by day, Syed Faiz Naqshbandi Convener All Parties Hurriyet Conference said here Saturday, appealing the UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres to intervene immediately to prevent Kashmiri lives.
Talking to Pakistan Observer here Syed Faiz Naqshbandi Convener APHC condemned Indian inhuman tactics to eliminate Kashmiri youth under flimsy pretexts. In fact massive human rights violations include child abuses, militarized abductions, enforced disappearances and youth killings. Over one million Indian military forces have gone quite berserk in Occupied Kashmir.
The Indian troops martyred four youth under during socalled cordon and search operations at Asthal in Kulgam district and burnt down residential houses without any in their frenzy of brute force, he added.
The IOJ&K) are facing difficulties in protecting themselves from coronavirus due to the draconian discriminatory restrictions placed on them by Modi government. People are facing acute lack of medical aid to face scourge of coronavirus.
He pointed out that India government was decimating culture by changing names of historic places, institutions and hallmarks and warned that there would be forceful popular reaction against these racist measures which is a gross violation of Kashmir related United Nations resolutions and directives. “Kashmiris have a history and geography of their own, they have distinct humanitarian Islamic culture that accommodates all segments of Kashmiri life and inter-actions.
Indian forces are usurper in Kashmir, both Muslims and other Kashmiri sections would unitedly oust India from their land. Military occupation cannot last long. Evens of world history are before all, United Nations is a party to the historic Kashmir dispute. If India thinks she could bring about some changes once she gets into UN Security Council fold for longer duration, she is mistaken. Even worst circumstances cannot give a setback to the Kashmiri struggle having geographic roots of over 72 bold years”, he said explaining Pakistan Observer’s query.
He appealed to of the United Nations and the international community to discharge the onus they had taken on their shoulders in issuing Kashmir mandate via UN Security Council and oust India from among their fold being brazen faced renegade on her written Kashmir pledges. “Whole world is with us, they want use of will of Kashmiris as basis for settlement of this dispute, they issue statements from time to time to remind India of her obligations in resolving this issue.
“Our protests against annexation of Kashmir and Jammu by Indian government is continuing across the world as no such change can be made so long as Kashmir dispute is on the agenda of UN Security Council, he further explained another P.O. query during interview. “Incarceration of thousands of Kashmiris by Indian government is simply unacceptable. It is not Kashmir and Jammu alone, India grabbed many other regions since 1947 todate. But she would have to be accountable for her misdeeds, aggressions, expansionism”, APHC Convener warned.

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