Anti-terrorism protests


AS the terrorists are rearing their ugly head again, protests have also been taking place in parts of Khyber-

Pakhtunkhwa which clearly demonstrate the fearless tenacity and dedication of the people against these elements.

The latest one has taken place in South Waziristan where thousands of people belonging to all walks of life including political workers, social activists, traders and youth, took to the streets, demanding immediate steps for restoration of peace in the region.

It is a matter of consolation that all sections of the society are on the same page in seeking a credible firewall of deterrence.

Gone are the days when these terrorists used to rule the roost and had captivated the entire area.

This in fact is a triumph of peace constituency and the people of tribal districts really deserve due credit for their sense of resilience.

The people of Waziristan and other tribal districts really have borne the brunt of terrorism. They had been the worst victim in the war against this menace as hundreds of thousands of people also left their homes in the past to pave the way for military operation.

Hence, it is important to listen to the call of these people whose support in fact will prove to be very important to successfully chase down the criminal and terrorist elements.

In such a situation, it will be hard for the terrorists to find any safe haven in the region.

Engagement with the tribal people and notables will be a key to take the matters in the right direction.

Presiding over a meeting on Friday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif emphasized the need for enhancing coordination amongst the federal and provincial authorities to wipe out terrorism.

He also instructed the provincial apex committees to meet regularly and enhance their coordination with other provinces.

Indeed political solidarity at the national level and greater coordination in the security apparatus is the way forward when the terrorist groups, especially the TTP, has ramped up terrorist activities.

More than 40 Pakistani security forces were killed in December alone, which turned out to be the deadliest month in a decade of terrorist violence in the country.

A sustained operation on the pattern of Zarb-e-Azb and Raddul Fassad has become imperative to crush the terrorist elements including the TTP once and for all.

The Afghan authorities must also fulfil their responsibilities and take a decisive action against the terrorists to remain at peace with itself and the neighbours.