Anti-polio campaign begins tomorrow



The Emergency Operations Center for Polio Sindh will run a polio campaign across the province from March 29 to April 4.

During the campaign, about 9 million children in 30 districts of Sindh will be vaccinated against polio. Out of these 9 million children, about 2 million live in Karachi.

The corona virus prevented polio campaigns from March 2020 to August 2012, which reduced children’s immunity.

According to IUC Sindh spokesperson, polio campaign has been launched almost every month and a half since August 2020, which has resulted in reduction in polio cases.

Not a single polio case has been reported in Sindh since July 2, 2012This proves that polio can be eradicated if parents are vaccinated regularly and their children are vaccinated against polio.

In 2021, a polio case has been reported in Pakistan which belongs to BalochistanThe Pakistan Islamic Medical Association, Pakistan Pediatric Association Medical experts from all over the world and senior scholars from all schools of thought have also instructed that their children under the age of five must be vaccinated against polio and lifelong disability.