Another scam at PIC Doctors insert expired stents in patients’ hearts

Amraiz Khan

The Health Secretary Punjab has ordered an inquiry into the incident of inserting expired stents in heart of patients in Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) Lahore.

According to the details, serious negligence was revealed in the largest heart hospital of Punjab, as expired stents were given to 15 heart patients in the hospital.

It is worth mentioning here that in the past 100 patients died due to spurious drugs at PIC and after a court decision compensation was given to the bereaved families.

Now a six-member inquiry committee has been formed into the implantation of expired stents to patients. The stents implanted in patients in June 2021 had expired in May.

Chairman PIC said that more than 70 expired stents have been kept in the store for return, 14 overdue stents were installed due to negligence of some doctors.

Taking note of the incident of inserting expired stents, the Punjab Health Secretary has directed that those responsible should be exposed after conducting an inquiry within 3 days. Expired stents use is an unforgivable crime and strict disciplinary action will be taken against those involved.

A pharmacist seeking anonymity said that any medicine is considered expired six month prior to the expiry date mentioned on its packing.

He quoted an example saying that lets suppose the expiry date of some medicine is June 30th 2021 on its packing but as per Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan rules it will be considered to expire on January 1st 2021. Keeping in view the above said parameters, stents in questions were expired even more than 4 weeks.

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