Another ‘grand operation’ at Zaman Park on the cards as govt’s deadline to PTI ends


LAHORE – Police in the provincial capital Lahore beefed up security around Imran Khan’s residence amid reports of a grand operation to arrest May 9 culprits who are allegedly taking refuge at Imran Khan’s famous residence.

Reports of a grand operation come as Imran Khan-led party has not released any members and now the ultimatum by the caretaker setup ends. There is a heavy police presence around the PTI chief’s residence and all roads leading to the locality have been closed for all kind of traffic.

As daily commuters are facing hard times due to pickets and barricades, police blocked Dharampura Bridge and large contingents of anti-riots force arrived there.

Despite the end of the deadline, cops have not made any move, saying that arrests will be started after approval from the provincial government, while it has also been decided to limit the strategy to specific officers.

In recent developments, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf leaders invited authorities to conduct search operation in the presence of local media.

Imran Khan fears arrest amid tightening noose

Ousted Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf chairman Imran Khan continued to remain in hot waters as he increased his criticism of the country’s military establishment.

Lately, the populist leader shared a tweet, saying police have surrounded his house in the provincial capital to potentially arrest him again, days after he was released on bail in a graft case.

Khan, 70, made these remarks as he was given an ultimatum to hand over militants taking refuge at his residence or face the music. He also shared the clip showing dozens of anti-riots personnel marching frantically.

Dramatic scenes were witnessed last week when the PTI chief was held in a corruption case that sparked nationwide strikes and violence. Tens of thousands of his party men and supporters set blaze to crucial buildings, including the Pakistan Army headquarters and at least eight people lost their lives in days-long violence across the nation.

Zaman Park Operation

Earlier this year, police find assault rifles and piles of stones from PTI chief Imran Khan’s Zaman Park residence in a huge search operation, in which more than four dozen people were detained over 60 party cohorts accused of resorting to hostilities to obstruct the law.

The former national cricketer left for Islamabad to attend the Toshakhana case when contingents of Punjab Police barged into his famous residence.

Cops conducted the operation using water cannons, lady police, and prisoner vans, which triggered clashes until Lahore High Court took the notice and ends the impasse.