Good opportunity for Pakistanis as UK opens its doors to international workers with new Visa Categories


LONDON – Authorities in the United Kingdom have opened their doors to international skilled workers to fill staff shortages.

The decision is exciting for workers especially from Pakistan as Britain’s new immigration policy aims to boost the country’s workforce with talented professionals.

The United Kingdom is currently facing a severe manpower shortage, which forced the government to introduce a significant expansion in its immigration policies.

In this regard, at least 226 new immigration categories have been rolled out, while the minimum wage has also been increased across all categories. With the new development, the UK made changes and added professions such as police officers, journalists, judges, secret officers, barristers, lawyers, and flight pilots to the immigration category.

Additional categories will accommodate people from vast fields like actors, musicians, scientists, and others. Instructors, railway station assistants, veterinary doctors, and tailors, air hostesses, cabin crew, are now able to pursue employment in the UK.

People with background academics and relevant experience in aircraft engineering, AC/fridge engineering, welding, charity work, and estate agency can also apply under new categories.

In the new development, students living in the UK can able to pursue stay with a post-study work facility, which allows them to gain valuable work experience following the completion of their studies.

Inauguration of new UK Visa Centre in city