Anjuman Faizul Islam launches campaign ‘Give way to ambulance’



Anjuman Faizul Islam has launched an awareness campaign on how important it is to give way to ambulances. According to Secretary General, Anjuman Faizul Islam Raja Fatah Khan, the campaign started in collaboration with Riphah University in twin cities, Rawalpindi and Islamabad to highlight importance of giving way to ambulances.
He said that efforts were being made to sensitize public and make the campaign a success by road activities and awareness by the students of the Anjuman Faizul Islam.

Fatah Khan said, at times, timely transport of patient to hospital becomes a matter of life and death. A number of people have lost their lives because ambulance was caught in traffic, he added. In-charge, Riphah University, English Access Programme, iran Mehmood said that can you imagine that you’re stuck in an ambulance waiting for the vehicles to move so that you can reach the hospital to save the life of someone you love? The ambulance blaring siren and flashing lights yet no one moves. This is what typically happens on several the roads. This is the reason that a campaign was launched to inform people how important it is to respect and give way to ambulances.—APP

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