Animal waste rots on roads


The smell of animal waste has made it difficult for people in Karachi to breathe as the SSWMB has yet to pick it up from different areas.

Offal and other animal waste have been lying on Karachi roads and streets since the first day of EidulAzha, July 21.

The Sindh Solid Waste Management Board has been slow in the disposal of animal carcasses which is causing trouble for the people.

People in Buffer Zone, North Karachi, FB Area, Gulshan have, however, complained that offal and other animal waste have yet to be picked up from their areas

On the other hand, Sindh Solid Waste Management Board has claimed that 60,600 tons of rubbish and garbage have been delivered to the landfill site in three days.

West solid management director has also directed teams to clear all collection points by night and ensure spraying of lime and disinfectants, but so far the administration has failed to comply.

The Sindh Solid Waste Management Board introduced district complaint numbers for people to complain about lifting and disposal offal after the sacrifices during the three days of EidulAzha in Karachi. The numbers will work from 8am to midnight.


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