ANF seizes 3076.902 kg drugs, arrests 19 drug peddlers


The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) seized 3076.902 kg drugs, 26.800 kg suspected substances and 1181 Ltr HCL worth US$ 46.11 million internationally, arrested 19 persons, including 2 Women and impounded 4 vehicles while conducting 26 counter-narcotics operations throughout the country. According to a spokesperson of ANF, the seized drugs comprised 2431.700 Kg Opium, 23.527 Kg Heroin, 583.677 Kg Hashish, 27.11 Kg crystal methamphetamine (Ice), 3.500 Kg Ketamine, 0.388 Kg Ecstasy Tablets (634 x Tabs) and 7 Kg bhang.

In Balochistan, the force recovered 2959.7 Kg of drugs and 1181 Ltr HCL in 6 operations, arrested 2 persons in drug smuggling, and seized one vehicle. The seized drugs comprised 2423 Kg of Opium, 20.7 Kg of Heroin, 502 Kg Hashish and 14 Kg crystal methamphetamine (Ice). The ANF in Punjab recovered 2.616 Kg of drugs in 3 operations while arresting 3 persons, including a woman involved in drug smuggling.

The seized drugs comprised 0.690 kg Heroin and 1.926 Kg Hashish. The force in KPK recovered 19.839 Kg of drugs in 4 operations and arrested a person in drug smuggling. The seized drugs comprised 19.451 Kg Hashish and 0.388 kg Ecstasy Tablets (634 x Tabs) Meanwhile, the ANF in Sindh recovered 38.047 Kg of drugs and 26.800 Kg of suspected substance in 8 operations while 4 persons including a woman were arrested in drug smuggling, besides one vehicle was seized.

The recovered drugs comprised 1.5 Kg Opium, 2.137 Kg Heroin, 14.800 Kg Hashish, 9.110 Kg crystal methamphetamine (Ice), 3.5 Kg Ketamine and 7 Kg bhang. The force in ANF North recovered 56.700 Kg of drugs in 5 operations and arrested 9 persons, besides seizing two vehicles.