ANF foils drug smuggling bids in country-wide actions


STAFF REPORTER RAWALPINDI Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) on Friday foiled separate bids of drug smuggling within the country and abroad in separate actions across the country. According to the ANF authorities, an accused Mohammad Naseer was apprehended from Model town in Lahore. The authorities recovered 400 grams of charas from his possession. In a separate action, a passenger trying to board Riyadh-bound flight from Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore was caught red-handed carrying drugs concealed in snacks. The police took possession of the 5600 snacks’ tablets and shifted him for further investigations. In another successful recovery, the ANF authorities recovered 1.6 kilograms of heroin from a cargo consignment at the Lahore airport. The consignment was booked in the name of a Peshawar citizen identified as Ubaid Ullah Khan and the drug was expertly concealed in the water cooler. In another action, a cargo consignment was seized in Sialkot, recovering 1.26 kilograms of the heroin. The drug was concealed in cricket and hockey balls. On Thursday, Spokesperson for the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) revealed details of 30 drug busts across the country seizing 5965 kilograms of drugs. The spokesman detailed one of the crackdown which took place on a heroin plantation where the intoxicant was being grown on a 66 hectare of agricultural land. 33 people have been taken under arrest in the crackdowns which include 2 women, all those taken into custody were either aides or abettors in the heinous crime. 10 cars have also been confiscated during the raids which were used to transport the narcotics to different areas in and outside the country, the spokesperson said. The seized narcotics are worth 1.198 billion dollars.