Anesthesiologist of private hospital found dead

Staff Reporter

Dr Ali, an anesthesiologist at Lahore’s Doctors Hospital, was mysteriously found dead at his restroom on Sunday. Police are trying to ascertain whether the doctor committed suicide or was he murdered.

The police have collected evidence from the spot and sent the body for the post-mortem and started the investigation Drunk man fires at people’s homes: A drunk man, identified as Umar Pehalwan, resorted to firing at people’s homes at the Gujjarpura area of Lahore. Umar not only resorted to firing, but also thrashed one person. The incident spread panic across the area.

One of the residents told the media that Umar and his accomplice were drug peddlers and frequently resort to firing to instill fear in the hearts of people. He further said that although he had visited Gujjarpura police station to register a case against Umar Pehlwan, but police refused to register it saying the pistol he was carrying in his hand was a licenced one. He appealed to the government to order crackdown on drug peddlers in the area.

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