Android users complain of camera issues in Whatsapp beta version

Android users complain of camera issues in Whatsapp beta version

According to user complaints, there is a camera issue in the WhatsApp beta version for Android.

Users reported zoomed-in camera problems on the WhatsApp beta version for Android to the WABetaInfo Twitter account, which the account verified.

WABetaInfo recently questioned its followers whether they were having any problems downloading media and status updates from WhatsApp beta for Android.

Many people responded to the account, describing their concerns.

While using the camera through the app on Android, one user contacted the Twitter account for assistance with a zoomed-in camera issue on WhatsApp beta version and business beta version

WhatsApp has been plagued by camera problems for many versions, according to WABetaInfo.

“I confirm: WhatsApp beta for Android has this issue since several versions,” the tweet read.

Many customers are experiencing the same camera problem, and WhatsApp is working to fix it as quickly as possible.

WABetaInfo is a Twitter account devoted to disseminating trustworthy information and real-time updates regarding the popular social networking programme WhatsApp. It is an independent site that provides information about WhatsApp to roughly 97.1 thousand Twitter followers.

Earlier, WhatsApp launched its much-anticipated “view once” feature.

Through this feature, you are be able to send photos and movies that can only be seen once using the new functionality. It enables you to see whether the media has been opened by the receiver.

Simply look for a see once option when sharing material to see whether the functionality is accessible on your WhatsApp.

The pictures you send can only be seen once, and you’ll be notified when the receiver has done so.

Once you’ve seen the media, it vanishes from the conversation. Users will be able to conserve space as a result of this.

Whether you deactivate the read receipts option, recipients will still be able to see if you opened the picture or video to see it once. However, you will not be able to see when the receiver of your media opens it.

The view once may be used to send several pictures and videos in a single message. Even if read receipts are blocked, you may see when other group members view expired pictures. Message Info contains information on the viewed status.

Because WhatsApp does not detect screenshots, receivers may take screenshots or make screen recordings to preserve the expiring picture or video.

The see once function will still operate if you send an expiring picture to someone who does not have this feature enabled.

If you’re in a shared group with blocked contacts, they’ll be able to see the pictures and videos as well.

The suitable version for this feature in WhatsApp beta for Android Later, iOS beta testers will be able to activate their accounts.

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