Andleeb blames past rulers for inflation, gas shortages


Staff Reporter

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Member of the National Assembly Andleeb Abbas Saturday blamed that present runaway inflation and shortage of gas was due to the faulty policies of Pakistan Muslim League N and Pakistan People’s Party governments who did not focused attention on gas exploration.
Talking to a private news channel, she explained that the previous both corrupt governments did not offer any incentive to the exploration sector during their tenures, but PTI government is now fully focused on gas exploration and masses to get relief soon.
She said despite the opposition’s hue and cry, the government had been able to bring about economic stability in year 2019 and the prime minister had already declared 2020 as the year of masses.
Andleeb Abbas further mentioned that with the support of the opposition, PTI government has also succeed in approving three important bills from the National Assembly including the Zainab Alert Bill, property bill and disability bill in the best interests of public.
She hailed these bills saying they would alleviate suffering of many children, women and disable persons, adding, PTI leadership is taking steps for protection of common people.
She urged that opposition parties should continue to play their significant role in parliament for resolving masses issues.
She said Zainab Alert bill is a true reflection of public sentiments and aspirations. The Member National Assembly also hailed the opposition role in parliament for Army chief’s extension bill, adding, the support of all political parties was a positive step.
She expressed hoped that the two sides would reach an agreement during the current talks on amendments in the NAB law as both wanted improvements.
“The opposition should cooperate with government in amending the NAB’s laws,” she requested.
She said any amendments to the accountability law would be proposed after the government has consulted its allies.