Anas Haqqani says closed girls’ schools not permanent



In an interview with TOLOnews, prominent Islamic Emirate member Anas Haqqani said that the closure of girls’ schools will not be permanent and that the Islamic Emirate will resolve it after completing other duties.

“Here there is a system, with principles … I hope that this issue, whether it is related to quality or procedure, will be resolved, like there are other issues which remain unresolved, these issues are not permanent. I can assure the people that all of them will be resolved,” he said.

However, some university professors and experts find the delay in the reopening of girls’ schools to be concerning and urged the government reopen them as soon as possible.

“Islamic countries have not recognized Afghanistan because the Islamic rights of young women, their rights to education, have been taken away,” said Tariq Farhadi, a university lecturer and political analyst.

“This is really concerning that our schools are still closed,” a student told TOLOnews.

In the past year, the closure of girls’ above sixth grade schools has raised concerns inside and outside of Afghanistan.

High-ranking Islamic Emirate officials have consistently made promises to reopen schools, but these promises have not yet been fulfilled.

Meanwhile, following international calls for the reopening of girls’ schools above the sixth grade, some students from schools and universities have now asked the Islamic Emirate to reopen girls’ schools as soon as possible.

“We ask the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to provide the opportunity of education for all the people of Afghanistan, including boys and girls,” said Khatera, the organizer of the gathering.—Tolonews

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