Fighting in Karta-e-Sakhi between Islamic Emirate forces and Daesh



At least four members of the Daesh group were killed and one person was detained in operations conducted earlier this week by the Islamic Emirate forces in Karta-e- Sakhi area of Kabul city, Kabul security department said.

The clashes between the Islamic Emirate forces and Daesh members lasted for many hours.

“Those who were trying to target civilians, four of them were killed and one of them was detained. In this operation, one member of the Islamic Emirate force was killed and another one was wounded. Also, a policewoman was killed,” said Khalid Zadran, a spokesman for the Kabul security department.

Islamic Emirate spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said on Twitter that four Daesh members were killed and one was arrested in an operation by Islamic Emirate forces in the Karta-e- Sakhi area of Kabul.

Mujahid said the Daesh members were intending to attack Shia citizens gathering in the Kart-e-Sakhi Ziarat during the days of Mahram. Zabiullah Mujahid also tweeted that Daesh was going to attack during the Muharram ceremony.

“Daesh had a plan to attack Shia citizens that gather in Karta-e-Sakhi on the Muharram days,” he said.

The residents said that the clashes continued many hours with the two sides using heavy and light weapons.

“It was around noon that the gunfire was heard, and it happened in this house. The sound of the blast was also heard,” said Sayeed Rafi, residents of Kabul.

Daesh has taken responsibility for a number of deadly attacks, most of which targeted civilians, in the past several months in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Nangarhar intelligence officials said that Daesh fighters have stopped fighting against the Islamic Emirate as a result of the efforts of intelligence forces and the cooperation of tribal elders.

Dr. Bashir, Nangarhar’s intelligence chief, says those who surrendered will no longer fight against the government and will conditionally be granted the terms of the Amir al-Momenin amnesty decree.

“50 members of Daesh who acted under the name of the Kharijites and threatened the security of Afghanistan have given up their past activities and have come here,” he said.

Meanwhile, tribal elders warn that those who join Daesh in the province will have their houses set on fire.

“These people are remorseful for their past actions, and are brought here by the elders of the tribes, they told us that they will not repeat this mistake again,” said Ghulam Ali, the elder of the tribe.

“Whoever does such actions must leave the province, and no one will sit or stand with him,” said an elder of the tribe.

The surrendered people say they have fought against the Islamic Emirate in eight districts of Nangarhar.

“We are regretful of our actions, and we support the Islamic Emirate,” said Pesarlai, a surrendered member of Daesh.

Based on the numbers of the Nangarhar Intelligence Directorate, in the past five months more than 500 Daesh fighters have surrendered to the Islamic Emirate.


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