An intellectual glamour | By Naveed Aman Khan


An intellectual glamour

THE imaginative, creative and curiosity powers become habits of bringing creative waves and flashes of ideas into one’s mind and these creative ideas start visiting and meeting questioning minds most of the time like two loving hearts, on the flower bed of galaxies.

This creates great literature when meets in dreams of a garden, forest, mountains, shining moon and twinkling stars.

Without a deep understanding of science, arts, literature and mystic spirituality, one can’t create and understand the core of any subject.

Mind only creates big ideas and theories if you are a genius with knowledge of philosophy, literature, art and science.

We need to know famous scientists like Einstein, Newton and others who have seen the world with the brain of a polymath and with the eye of a scientist while feeling with the heart of a poet.

All of them were the greatest minds with logical brains and tender hearts with the language of poetry, music and art.

They had abilities of turning scientific language into music and art. They had logical and imaginative minds and in view of this, you don’t need lots of sophisticated laboratories, facilities, chemicals and equipment for innovations in science, art and literature.

One can find core of life and matter with one’s metacognitive abilities and imaginations. In the history of modern sciences, greatest ideas and innovations of Nobel Prize value were perceived and created outside the laboratory setting without any experimental protocol and method.

The origin of Newton’s laws in physics was a reflection of keen observation of the falling of an apple from a tree, which triggered the imagination of Newton’s brain to formulate the laws of physics, a theory conceived outside the laboratory setting.

For all types of creativity and innovation in physics and chemistry, you can look into the essence of atomic and subatomic particles with great imaginations.

You cannot grow and nurture a great soul without great knowledge of literature, poetry and art; and without an understanding of the subatomic nature of particles, you cannot understand the soul very well.

If you adhere to one line of thought, one mode of thinking and one idea structure, excluding all others, you don’t possess pure knowledge.

You in every sphere of life are the only big defence a human being needs. Knowledge defends you against every possible form of harm in any situation.

The more knowledge you have, the less fear you have and the less pain you feel in life. You feel less stress and less anguish.

Knowledge makes you more logical and more reasonable. More knowledge makes you feel content and satisfied.

There is no limitation in the concept of the word “knowledge”, its value being infinite. Knowledge frees you from all limitations.

Knowledge involves a lot of logic; without great knowledge you don’t have a great human brain.

Craving knowledge makes your mind logical, wise, honest and noble. If you have a lot of knowledge, it means you are a logical person.

Being logical makes you reasonable and civilised. With a dynamic approach in all aspects of life, you are considered as a legendary and enlightened person.

In history, polymaths were all legendaries of their times including Newton, Einstein, Da Vinci and many others.

This means humans are attracted to intelligence and wit first, and then they have a second choice, a natural preference of conversation over muscles.

Most people prefer books over looks. Brain always makes a wise, good man or woman. Brain is an organ that reflects intelligence, glamour and sexual attractions in both male and female.

Highest level of knowledge energy in a brain makes a more attractive individual suitable for leadership, command and rule.

The people excited by knowledge are often fond of philosophical, political or psychological discussions because this turns them on.

When a smart brain with great knowledge engages with someone in a healthy debate and makes them think differently about something, the act of smart thinking is an art of convincing and attracting others towards your personality and brain power.

It has great advantages including social and sexual attractions. There is a strong connection between man’s virility and his intelligence.

So there is a strong correlation between higher IQ and healthy sperm. It means that the smartest man has the strongest sperm.

Women are attracted to intelligence because their ovaries sense the quality of sperms in an intelligent male.

They have a common interest in getting the sperm of an intelligent man who can make their babies better human beings with an intelligent brain.

There is a strong connection between high IQ and strong libido. Scholars with high IQ have boosted libido; historically and currently all generations have been found to be gathered around intelligence.

People like to be around and follow intelligent people. Most intellectuals and geniuses are working in societies as writers, thinkers, philosophers and political leaders who have a high level of public attraction towards their wisdoms.

Our generations have always been in deep relationships with fertile brains because of their creative, innovative and missionary work.

They are all knowledge creators; they seek knowledge and explore the universe, life and societies at core levels.

For marriages and relationships, we prefer mental and educational competency level first, then we understand and care about heart and love.

Intelligence or education is the prior criteria and highly ranked characteristic in choosing a partner.

The person smarter than 90 per cent of the population is considered to be an ideal partner than the person smarter than 50 per cent of the population.

But the person smarter than 99% of the population is found to be less attractive as an ideal partner.

Intellectual work of Prof. Anees Akhtar on “Neuro Cosmic Brain” leads towards new panoramas of the cosmic world.

I believe that the future of our generations is in the exploration of intellectual glamour.

—The writer is editor, book ambassador political analyst and author of several books based in Islamabad.


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