Sino-Pak friendship will last forever despite Indo-US fake news | By Sultan M Hali


Sino-Pak friendship will last forever despite Indo-US fake news

STEPHEN Solarz, a seasoned US politician, was once asked during an international seminar in Washington DC, “Which two countries in the world have the closest ties?

” His response shocked the audience. They were expecting him to name the US and Israel but he categorically stated that “Pakistan and China have the closest ties.

” He went on to rationalize his reply with examples, categorically stating that most bilateral relations were transactional but not in the case of Pakistan and China, which are founded on a solid edifice of understanding, compassion and mutual respect.

This happened many decades ago and Sino-Pak friendship has grown stronger and the bonds have gelled into solidarity and cohesion.

Unfortunately, two countries, India and the US oppose the fraternal ties between China and Pakistan.

They leave no stone unturned in trying to drive a wedge in the Sino-Pak ties which remain rock-solid.

Take the case of the exposé by the European Union’s DisinfoLab in its 90-page report which unearthed the machinations of an international network funded by organizations with Indian leanings.

The detailed disclosures labeled Indian Chronicles comprise 265 fake media outlets, multiple dubious think tanks and NGOs, financed by Indian or pro-Indian entities surreptitiously working to destabilize Pakistan while simultaneously besmirching Islamabad’s image internationally.

The clandestine operation was cloaked slyly using defunct media, think tanks, NGOs and using the identities of deceased writers and academics to lend an aura of authority to the bogus stories but being quoted by mainstream media to add authenticity to the intrigues being hatched to denigrate Pakistan.

The most despicable aspect of The Indian Chronicles is that it attempts to drive a wedge between Pakistan and China through its plethora of fake news.

One of the primary targets of the US and India is the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its flagship project China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Ignoring the hard fact that the BRI has become a widely welcomed international project with a far-reaching and profound impact on the world, the mega project has played a major role in deepening international cooperation, promoting closer ties between countries, and boosting global growth with nearly 150 countries and organizations joining it.

In effect, there is an underlying link between the BRI and the vision of building a new type of international relations and a community with a shared future for humankind.

According to The Indian Chronicles investigation, the US and India have worked together to produce a lot of systematic disinformation against Pakistan and China.

A fake news that emanated from The Indian Chronicles states: “Under CPEC our rivers are being diverted for hydropower projects and these projects are causing water shortages.

The projects would forever destroy the ecology of our region.

Scores of young men from Gilgit-Baltistan are serving 70-90 years of imprisonment for protesting against the plunder of our national resources.”

India and the US work in tandem to denigrate both China and Pakistan and discredit BRI and CPEC.

USCENTCOM operating under the US Department of Defence has created a website” Pakistan Forward” through which fake news is mixed with actual ones and disseminated.

Some of the topics alone tell the whole story: ‘Chinese-built power plants become economic burden for Pakistan’; ‘Beijing ramps up investment in Urdu media amid rise in anti-China sentiment’; ‘Violence at Balochistan mines spotlights grievances over Chinese investment’; ‘Rise of anti-China movement in Gwadar highlights failed promises’; ‘Pashtun tribes in Balochistan block highway, halt work in protest of CPEC’; ‘Healthcare workers shun Chinese-made vaccines over reliability, safety concerns’; ‘Beijing stirs further outrage by detaining Uighur wives of Pakistani nationals’; ‘Is China building a military base in Gwadar? ’; this is just the tip of the iceberg but clearly depicts the element of yellow journalism.

A case in point is the Indian secret agency RAW’s senior operative Commander Kulbhoshan Jadhav, who was apprehended from Balochistan and has confessed to hatching plots to destabilize Pakistan and China through sabotage of CPEC projects.

Reportedly, with the support of the US, International Court of Justice took up the case of the terror monger on behalf of India, to have him released.

US President Donald Trump launched a trade war against China and also initiated efforts to strengthen the relationship with its allies and partners under the overarching umbrella of the Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) Strategy with the aim of having the “sole superpower status” in the region.

The US invited India to join the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) along with Japan and Australia to ensure and support a “free, open and prosperous” Indo-Pacific region but in fact to contain China.

Earlier India signed the US proposal “Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Agreement” to enable both countries to use their air and naval bases for their military assets in terms of rest, refueling and maintenance in both the times of war and peace, perfidiously to act as a bulwark against China.

If that were not enough, India has provided shelter to Tibetan dissident Dalai Lama while he also receives 180,000 US dollars a year from the CIA to foment trouble.

According to now declassified reports, CIA launched “St Circus Operation” in 1956, which trained Tibetan guerrillas on a South-Pacific island to kill, shoot, lay mines and make bombs.

The Indo-US nexus fabricates fake news regarding alleged maltreatment of the Muslim Uighur community in Xinjiang and propagates it amongst hardliner Muslims in Pakistan to create hatred against the Chinese.

The Indian Chronicles mentioned earlier, by use of hybrid warfare, since 2005, have had direct control of more than ten NGOs accredited to the UN Human Rights Council.

The odious organization comprises above 550 website domain names registered, which generate fake media in Brussels and Geneva, and 750 fake media in 116 countries.

It has resorted to the resurrection of dead people, defunct media and non-existent NGOs. It has indulged in identity theft, impersonation of EU institutions and through its machinations and manipulations caused the involvement of European Parliament.

Such malevolent attempts will never succeed because China-Pakistan friendship lasts forever and the BRI and CPEC are here to stay despite the malevolent attempts to derail it.

—The Author is a Retired Group Captain of PAF, who has written several books on China.


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