The daily Pakistan Observer, read by various segments of society including government and diplomatic circles and available online to internationally readers, is enormously supportive of Pakistan’s Defence Forces. We have received a string of e-mail messages from our respected readers expressing their concern over the current protests against the Pakistan Armed Forces. The Pakistan Army is the custodian of the national interests for defending its sacred soil and protecting its solidarity in the face of all external and internal threats. We salute the brave Army with a long history of bravery and sacrifices.

We may add that the founder of the Pakistan Observer, Late Mr. Zahid Malik (Sitara-e-Imtiaz), was a strong advocate of the defence of Pakistan, both geographical and ideological, which is why his Paper has all along been the robust voice of the defence of Pakistan.

The Pakistan Observer, on behalf of its team and readers, show the solidarity with the Pakistan Army and admires its sacrifices rendered for the defence and prosperity of the country.   We strongly condemn the statements of a handful elements against the defence officials and unbearable attacks on GHQ, Corps Commander House and other government offices. “We are proud of our Army, which has protected the borders of the motherland and has provided relief to the countrymen,” in the hour of need.  Therefore, on behalf of the Pakistan Observer and our fellow Pakistanis, we appeal to the protesters to please stop their destructive activities and don’t play in the hands of our enemies. We must support the Pak Army who are protecting our motherland and don’t let enemies of our country to succeed in their nefarious intentions. May Allah protect our country. Ameen. We wish well to the courageous people as well as defence forces of Islamic Republic of Pakistan being led by the Chief of Army Staff.