An all-inclusive strategy to be devised for promotion of hand-woven carpets: PCMAEA


Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PCMAEA) decided to start preliminary preparations for participation in exhibitions going to be held in Pakistan and abroad this year.

Besides this, a strategy will also be devised to utilize modern tools for effective promotion and marketing of hand-woven carpets The executive committee meeting of the association was held under the chairmanship of Naeem Khokhar.

Senior Vice Chairman Usman Ashraf, Senior Central Leader Abdul Latif Malik, Chairperson of Carpet Training Institute Ejazur Rehman, Senior Member Riaz Ahmed, Saeed Khan, Shahid Hasan, Major (Rtd) Akhtar Nazir, Akbar Malik, Kamran Razi, Umeer participated in the meeting through video link.

They said due to the state of anxiety in the country and fluctuations in the dollar, the exporters are suffering from mental pressure.

In the meeting, there was a detailed discussion regarding the difficulties faced by the hand-made carpets industry, State Bank and other issues.

In te meeting, Senior Vice Chairman Usman Ashraf informed about the participation in the Domotax exhibition held in Germany and its results and on this occasion, there was also a discussion about participating in the Domotex exhibition in Turkey next year.

In the meeting, a preliminary consultation was also held regarding the organization of the world exhibition of handmade carpets in Pakistan this year.The meeting also discussed the display of handmade carpet products at Expo Karachi in May this year.

Naeem Khokhar said that in the current situation, the industry of handmade carpets is facing severe difficulties due to which the exports are also decreasing.

Senior Vice Chairman Usman Ashraf said that due to the fluctuations of the dollar, the exporters are hesitant about the export contracts.

“A strict policy should be put in place to keep the value of the dollar stable so that exporters enter into export contracts without any fear,” he concluded.—NNI