American tourist visits flood-hit Mohenjo Daro


An American tourist on Sunday visited the archeological site of Mohenjo Daro which was closed for visitors a few days ago due to flood and rains in the city.

Tourist Jeremy Lok saw the stupas, great bath and museum. He said he was  saddened to see the destruction wreaked by recent torrential rains and deluges in the city. He said he learned a lot from the relics of Mohenjo Daro. He felt delighted finding himself amidst the relics of extremely ancient civilization.

The Sindh government banned entry of tourists in Mohenjo Daro on Sept 4 after the ferocious flash floods and incessant rains lashed the city and put thousands of years’ old civilization in danger.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres who has been on his Pakistan sojourn Sept 9-11, also visited the flood-hit Mohejo Daro yesterday.


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