Always respected judiciary’s decision: Hamza

Hamza Shehbaz London

Says opposition has plunged country into constitutional crisis

Hamza Shahbaz, ousted from the office of Punjab chief minister by the Lahore High Court on Thursday, has said that he respects the decisions of the judiciary “as always”.

Speaking to the media at his party’s office in Model Town in Lahore on Thursday, he said that the verdict has put an end to the three-month-old constitutional crisis in Punjab.

“The opposition had pushed the province into a constitutional crisis only to massage their egos,” the ousted Punjab chief minister said.

Hamza pointed out that the people now know who tried to undermine the Constitution.

When asked about his ouster, Hamza proclaimed, “Positions are temporary!” and that his objective was to help the people. He further said that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has always overcome challenges thrown their way.

The former CM said that he is proud that he never took any action beyond the ambit of law or the Constitution.

Meanwhile, Hamza has summoned his legal team to chart out a future course of action.So far, there has been no word on whether he or his party will mount a legal challenge to the LHC’s majority verdict.

Even though he has been ousted from the position of Punjab chief minister, Hamza appears in high spirits at least that is the message he wants to portray online.

Soon after the verdict was announced, Hamza posted a new profile image of his on his verified Twitter account.

The picture shows him reclining in his chair in the Punjab Assembly while grinning ear to ear.


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