Alvi-Rong unflinching resolve



AS systematic attempts are being made by some regional and global powers to harm the cause of China-Pakistan friendship, the unflinching resolve expressed by President Dr Arif Alvi and Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong in their meeting in Islamabad on Monday to further boost bilateral cooperation in various fields for the mutual benefit of the two countries would surely send a strong message that all conspiracies to dent the friendship are bound to fail.

The forceful remarks made by the President and sentiments expressed by the dynamic Chinese envoy are also reassuring for people of Pakistan as these reflect their aspirations on the matter.

Pakistan and China always enjoyed cordial and fruitful relations but these assumed special dimension in recent years with the launching of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which has already delivered a number of projects intrinsically linked to socio-economic development of Pakistan especially the process of transformation in hitherto backward regions of the country.

The cooperative engagement between the two countries is purely based on sovereign equality and mutual respect and there is, therefore, complete consensus in Pakistan to take this relationship to new heights.

This consensus about bilateral relations is somewhat rare in view of exploitative policies and approaches followed by some other partners and as a consequence the relationship with those countries could not be built on strong foundations and remained mostly transitory in nature.

As against this, Pak-China friendship is not just mutually beneficial but the leadership of the two countries is committed to make collective efforts to promote peace, prosperity and development in the region, a policy that is also highlighted by their collaborative efforts for restoration of durable peace in Afghanistan and their offers to other countries to become partner in development by joining the historic CPEC initiative.

The President’s assurance that Pakistan was committed to the timely completion of the CPEC that has huge potential to contribute to the socio-economic development of Pakistan carries special significance in the backdrop of attacks against Chinese workforce.

He also underscored that the security of Chinese nationals, working in various projects in Pakistan, is the highest priority of Pakistan and the Government is making all-out efforts for their protection and security.

Apart from economic collaboration, which is flourishing because of Chinese investment worth billions of dollars in different sectors of Pakistan’s economy, the two countries are strongly supporting the causes that are dear to them.

Pakistan is committed to “One-China Policy” and firm support to China on core issues of its national interest, such as Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong and the South China Sea.

Similarly, Pakistan cannot forget the support it receives from China on core national issues like the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG) and Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

China also fully appreciates the lead role that Pakistan is playing in the global war against terror at huge men and material cost.

Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong, who works ceaselessly to promote the cause of bilateral friendship, also expressed sentiments, which are a source of strength for people of Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan is the closest friend of China and his country wants to further strengthen bilateral cooperation with Islamabad.

Unlike other countries that are unwilling to share technology and knowledge in the true sense of the word, the Chinese envoy categorically stated that his country would share its experiences with Pakistan that would help in its social and economic prosperity.

These are not hollow slogans as China is actively participating in the economic development of Pakistan, strengthening its defence and security and promoting overall welfare of its people.

The latest example is that of the cooperation that China is extending to help Pakistan overcome the challenge thrown by Covid-19.

The vaccination campaign, currently underway, owes its success to the liberal support provided by China as over half the requirements are being met with supplies from our Chinese friends.

The scope of this cooperation is explained by the fact that China would provide six million vaccine doses this week while 100 million vaccine doses would be provided by the end of the year.

People of Pakistan expect that the newly appointed Special Assistant to PM on CPEC affairs, who has rich experience of dealing with the Chinese companies, would give a fresh impetus to all activities under the framework of CPEC, eliminating the impression of slackness on some projects.


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