All set to welcome new year with enthusiasm



As the new year is heading, the people of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad especially youngsters are excited to welcome the new year and making special arrangements to celebrate the new day.

The new year is being welcomed through sending advance wishing images and messages to friends and family members through social media networks wishing them happiness and success throughout the year while huge fireworks and various cultural activities, entertainment programs, friends and family gatherings along with the winter delights are also planned to celebrate the occasion.

People are also making new year’s resolutions with great enthusiasm making commitments to adopt a healthy lifestyle, read more and concentrate on studies or professions.

Iqra Yusuf a student of a university, while talking to APP said that the new year is like a new beginning for us and we all friends are very much excited to welcome the new year with positive motivations.

She said that my new year resolution is that I will further concentrate on my studies and ensure a good percentage in my exams and will also try to start exercising for a healthy life.

Another student Ali Murtaza said that every year we made so many resolutions out of which we only can follow few.

This year I made only one resolution that I will reduce my screen time and ensure to spend more and more time with my family which is more important but being neglected due to excessive use of mobile phone and social media.

“I also have decided to start some physical game this year to improve my health and stamina”, he added

A school teacher Saad Ahmed said, every individual enjoys the New Year in his or her own unique style, a new year is fresh start of the year and it brings prosperity and gives us a chance to be optimistic and move forward.

He said that on the eve of new year we should spend some time with ourselves and keeping in view the mistakes and achievements of the previous year we should try to make the new year better.

On the eve of the new year flower shops, bakeries and various brands come up with new ideas to attract customers and put on colorful displays in their shops.

Islamabad Capital Police have chalked out a comprehensive plan to ensure smooth traffic flow on the eve of New Year and take action against those involved in one-wheeling, car racing and driving bikes or cars without silencers.