One wheeler held during crackdown


City Traffic Police (CTP) has finalized arrangements to control one-wheeling and car stunts by youngsters on eve of New Year’s night and seven special squads have been formed.

According to a CTP spokesman, CTP had decided to take strict action against traffic rules violators. During the crackdown, the City Police station arrested the accused Abdul Jabbar on charges of one wheeling. Similarly, Waris Khan police held Maheeb Kausar and confiscated the motorcycle from the accused involved in one-wheeling during the crackdown.

Meanwhile, One wheeling was going unnoticed on various roads of the garrison city of Rawalpindi as motorbikers, mostly teenagers, continued to perform wheelie and stunts putting their and others’ lives in danger. The individuals doing wheelies were seen performing dangerous stunts and acrobats on the roads near Ayub Park, Peshawar Road, Saddar, Murree Road and other areas —APP