All set to conduct polling on 246 union committees, 1433 ward



The Election Commission has completed all the preparations for local body elections in Karachi, 10629 candidates are contesting for 1433 out of 1476 seats of 246 union committees and 1476 ward councilors of 25 towns of 7 districts of Karachi. In 35 seats, polling has been postponed due to the death of candidates, while in 8 seats the candidates have won unopposed.

The largest town in Karachi in terms of population is New Karachi, with a population of 871,245, here 13Union Committees have been created with an average vote’s population of 40,081. While the smallest town is Sohrab Goth, with a population of 428,860, here 8 UCs have been created with an average of 7,539 voters. 5,000 polling stations and 18,600 polling booths have been set up for polling, in total, more than 47,000 election staff will serve.

According to the data of the Election Commission, the population in the limits of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) is one crore 50 lakh 78 thousand, while the votes are 84 lakh 76 thousand 220. KMC is divided into 25 Towns, 246 Union Committees and 984 Wards. Each voter shall cast one vote for the 2 seats (panel) of UC Chairman and Vice Chairman in each Union Committee and one for the concerned Ward Councilor.4,190 candidates for 472 seats of chairman and vice chairman and 6,439 candidates for 965 seats of ward councilor are competing in 236 union committees instead of 246 on January 15. Polling has been postponed due to the death of candidates on 26 seats of chairman and vice-chairman and 13 ward councilor seats of 13 union committees, while in one UC, candidates have won unopposed on 2 seats of chairman and vice-chairman and 6 seats of ward.5,000 polling stations and 18,629 polling booths have been established for polling, where more than 47,000 electoral staff of the Election Commission will perform their services, including 5,000 presiding, 18,629 assistant presiding and 18,629 polling officers and 5,000 deputy messengers.

According to the details given by the Election Commission, the votes in Gulbarg Town of the Central District are 80.54 percent of the population, while the votes are only 14 percent of the population in Sohrab Goth Town of the Eastern District.In Karachi, the UCs with the highest average were formed in Orangi Town.