All Pakistan Football Tournament ends in Wana



The ongoing All Pakistan Football Championship tournament at the Wana Scouts Complex with the support of IGFC South (KP) ended on the third day of Eid. The final match was won by Silab Club Miran Shah and took the trophy.

In the final football match between Silab Football Club Miran Shah and Wazir Club Wana, the match was tied with one goal each, the decision was decided by penalty kick.

According to the details, the ongoing All Paki-stan Football Championship tournament with the support of IGFC South has ended at Wana Scouts Complex in District Lower South Waziristan.

IGF South (KP) Major General Haroon Hameed was the chief guest at the closing ceremony of the football match, accompanied by Commandant South Waziristan Scouts Muhammad Owais Shamim, tribal elders and a large number of spectators, A total of 46 teams participated in this All Pakistan Football Tournament 2023, in which 32 local and 14 non-local teams participated, the final match of the tournament was played between Silab Club Miran Shah and Wazir Club Wana.

Much to the delight of the spectators, the match between the two teams was tied at one goal at the end, and the final decision was decided by a penalty kick.

In which Seelab Club Miran Shah won the All Pakistan Football Tournament Vana 2023 by defeat-ing Wazir Club Wana by 3 and 5 in penalty kick.

IGFC South (KP) Major General Haroon Hameed was the chief guest of the tournament held at Scouts Stadium Wana.

Who distributed cash prizes and medals to the players, the chief guest also distributed prizes to the teams and the organizing committee.

On this occasion IGFC South (KP) appreciated the performance of both the teams and encouraged them to participate in other provincial tournaments as well.

IGFC further said that sports activities are very important for a strong society and health, sports activities in an area are a sign of peace in that area.