Alkhidmat Foundation: Leading Name In Humanitarian Services

By Ahmad Jamil Rashid

Alkhidmat Foundation, a registered NGO since 1990, is a leading network with an objective to provide humanitarian services across Pakistan.

The NGO’s sole aim is to serve humanity without discrimination of religion, race, cast, creed, sect, language, or political affiliation.

The Foundation helps the people during natural and man-made disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and conflicts.

The affectees are resettled within and outside of country. AlKhidmat’s dedicated Seven Service Areas include Disaster Management, Education, Health Services, Mawakhat, Community Service, Orphan-care and Clean Water.

Alkhidmat through it’s vast network of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and medical units is serving all segments of society without any discrimination. In these hospitals, experts and qualified doctors provide their services.

For the underprivileged localities, free medical facilities and medicines are provided through medical camps.

Last year, 436 medical camps were organized while Alkhidmat blood banks continue operating around the clock Till now, 88,105 patients have received treatment. Blood has been donated to 22,323 patients.

Alkhidmat established 121 diagnostic centers and 22 mother and childcare centers where the number of beneficiaries was recorded 1.4 million people. A fleet of 288 ambulances is running under AKFP umbrella and 38,965 patients availed that facility.

AKFP also established 81 dispensaries where 1,253,000 people have been provided with initial treatment.

Altogether, the total number of beneficiaries are 7,457,077 with the total expenditure for these Projects is PKR 3,922.25 million.

Sponsoring OF Orphans – A Responsibility
The children deprived of their father’s affection are also deprived of their basic right of education.

To enlighten the deep darkness of poverty and ignorance with the light of education, Alkhidmat Foundation is sponsoring education, accommodation and training of orphan children across the country so that the rays of knowledge illumine the every corner of society.

Alhamdulillah, our beloved homeland consists of majority of God fearing and highly noble souls with kind hearts and benevolent approach. Each one us gives charity as per their capacity.

This is a good aspect of Pakistan society. Pakistan is one the five most charity giving countries.

Currently, this Charity giving system exists in 40 countries, and Pakistan stands at 5th Position among these countries.

From 2021 to 2015, around PKR 210 billion were spent in terms of charity. In 2018, the amount has risen upto PKR 250 billion.

This is surprising as well as interesting. Much of this amount is given individually. If this amount is spent through the best organizations like alkhidmat

Foundation, the dying from hunger and thirst can be provided with food: the lives of patients deprived of health facilities and moving towards death at every moment can be saved, the orphan can be provided with education.

All this is achieved with the help of rich and generous people of the society who are respectable and admirable for us. They come forward from dawn to dusk to help the millions of needy and turn back.

These are hundreds and thousands of hospitals, schools, and mosques which are running with the help of these generous people.

Alkhidmat is acknowledged as a growing international charitable organization for its humanitarian efforts regardless of any discrimination.

In the perspective of Alkhidmat’s increasing popularity and its countless successful in both the worlds by donating a major portion of their CSR to Alkhidmat, and can attain the closeness of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) by sponsoring orphans.

Alkhidmat has established 24 Aghosh Homes only for orphans in which 14 are completely functional and 10 are under construction. Till now, 1,149 orphan children are residing in Aghosh Homes in Pakistan.

Alkhidmat Also established Aghosh Home in Gaziantep, Turkey for Syrian orphans where 50 Syrian orphan children are residing.

Through Orphan Family Support Program (OFSP), 13, 694 orphan children are being supported financially at their home.

The sponsoring of orphans in the name of Allah is the great blessing. You can be source of enlightment for a family by supporting an orphan.

Allah SWT, the most beneficent and the most merciful will reward your efforts 10 times, rather 70 times or even more than that.

Cultivate you green pastures in the Heavens by sponsoring and deserving and needy family. Here is an opportunity to pave your way for your better placing in Jannah.

Come forward to take your share in the bounty offered by the Allah Almighty and His Prophet MUHANNAD (S.A.W.W). You can also associate your donation of scholarship with your late relatives which can be a source of redemption for them. Come forward, be generous find the best from you Lord!


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